Cheeses of Provence and Drôme

Salut les Foodies,

Discover cheeses of Provence and Drôme with THE cheesemonger of Avignon, Nathalie Francoz, owner of the cheese shop « La Maison du Fromage » in the Halles of Avignon (central market). If you want to taste good cheeses and live a nice moment with this fan of cheese, come here!



Nathalie has presented for Provence


Le Banon Feuille AOP (goat’s cheese)


Nathalie has introduced for Drôme


Fresh goat’s cheese coated with savoury


Fresh goat’s cheese with pepper, red berry and PDO olive oil



Ash goat’s cheese


Picodons PDO


Picodons Dieulefit method  (washed cheese)


You can meet Nathalie at the Maison du Fromage

Les Halles d’Avignon

18 place pie 84000 Avignon

04 90 27 37 39


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