Dauphiné Ravioles – Traditional recipe of Dauphiné region

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Who has never heard of the famous Dauphiné ravioles?

Today produced in Drôme, in Romans-sur-Isère region. This small french ravioli knows its origins in antiquity under the name of « Rissole » (small meat ravioli). It changed its name in the 13th century to become « ravioles » because it was filled with turnips (« rave » in French) during lent to replace meat. It was at the end of the 19th century that the Maury mother decided to sell these small ravioles, made from cow curd and parsley, in her café, making Romans-sur-Isère the capital of the Raviole.

Discover all the production secrets of mother Maury’s ravioles with Thierry Pesseas in this video.

The Dauphiné Ravioles


You can find the Maury mother’s ravioles on the website



You can buy directly the ravioles in the Maury mother’s shop in Romans-sur-Isère or on their e-shop.



38, rue du Président Félix Faure

26100 Romans-sur-Isère

+33 (0)4 75 70 03 59



Thank you Thierry !


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