Traditional recipes of « Bouchon Lyonnais »

Salut les Foodies!

DAY 33 – I had a meeting at 2:30 pm with the MOF (best craftsman of France) Joseph Viola in Joseph Viola, Restaurants Daniel & Deniserestaurant to discover a pillar of Lyon’s gastronomy, the BOUCHONS LYONNAIS.

“Bouchon” cooking is a popular cuisine originally served in inns where people came to rest and where horses were “bouchonner” (remove sweat with straw), hence the name.

The “Bouchon” cooking is simple, sincere and based on the authenticity of the products. There are generally recipes based on offal, inexpensive products that define this popular cuisine.

Chef VIOLA has prepared 5 recipe representative of “Bouchon” cooking, there are many other recipes that you can taste in Daniel and Denise restaurants :



pâté en croûte


saucisson brioché (brioche stuffed with a sausage)


la quenelle de brochet sauce nantua (pike quenelle with nantua sauce)


la cervelle de canut (canut’s brain – fresh cheese with herbs, garlic and shallot)


le gras-double





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